Her Majesty's Government does not encourage trade with, or investment in Iran. UKTI also do not offer any commercial services for companies wanting to do business with Iran.  However, the Middle East Association may, on occasion, provide seminars and other events which relate to Iran so as to keep members and non-members abreast of developments within Iran and their wider importance for the MENA region. Please check our events page for further information:


Although Her Majesty’s Government actively discourage trade with Iran, doing business with the country is not impossible. Companies wishing to do business with Iran should bear in mind two key factors however: Firstly, wide-ranging international sanctions imposed by the UN, US and European Union present significant obstacles to trade. Secondly, securing payment, insurance or credit for the supply of goods and services is likely to prove challenging. The Foreign Secretary announced his intention to reopen the British Embassy in Iran on 17th June 2014. Read the update here


Details of the sanctions and how they might affect your business can be found here:


UK Sanctions:


EU Sanctions:


US Sanctions:


Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice for Iran:


Human Rights and Democracy Quarterly Update for Iran:

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